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Fresh vs tinned pineapple - setting in jelly

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Whoever | 10:57 Tue 09th Nov 2010 | Food & Drink
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I know fresh pineapple won't set in jelly because of the enzymes in it but have been told that tinned pineapple will set in jelly. Is this true? Don't want to waste a jelly to find out.. Would you need to used tinned pineapple in syrup or in its own juice?

If so, what is it in the tinned pineapple which destroys the offending enzymes? Is it the heat process which is part of the canning process? If so, would boiling fresh pineapple in water for a few minutes perform the same function and destroy the enzymes?


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Heat it to over 65degrees
Well, intrigued by this question, I went hunting ...

Fresh pineapple contains a lot of proteolytic enzymes (they break down proteins). Jelly 'sets' or polymerizes when small peptide chains (the gelatin in jelly is what polymerizes and gelatin is made up of amino acids) become organized. If there is a high concentration of proteolytic enzymes, it will break down any peptide chains and the Jelly won't set. Canned pineapple has been processed and does not contain nearly enough proteolytic enzymes.

...gently poach fresh pineapple in a little water for approx 30 mins. discard water and use pineapple, apparently.

Well, I've learned something today, thanks for posting this question. :-)
Me too, I've learned something new, Thanks Naz for doing all the leg-work. :-)
Jelly forms good in it ?

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Fresh vs tinned pineapple - setting in jelly

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