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burger king idiot!!

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weas | 20:22 Mon 14th Mar 2011 | Food & Drink
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so if you work for burger king and you are a woman you need a new job or pay rise !
the boss,Bernardo Hees is reported as saying!
English food is terrible !! and english women are ugly!!
Has he ever looked at an american women stuffing there faces with burgers!! thats what you call vile!!!!


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No doubt this man who said all this is completely stunning and absolutely gorgeous???
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ugly as sin !! no mirrors in his house!!!
here he is, he doesn't look as if he eats his own stuff http://www.telegraph....h-women-and-food.html
The brass neck of this fugly little turd!!!!
I don't think he's particularly ugly, and he says it was a joke - but yeah right, see the calories in his burgers!
He was referring to his student days here...obviously he's unaware of British food and women now....;-))

bit like this American woman???
dont think that link worked - this one should
ooo....Hilary was having a baaaad day.... maybe she'd eaten at
His chips are on his shoulder
I wouldn't take too seriously any criticism of cooking that comes from someone at Burger King.
Bonimarony, you are right, since a chip on the shoulder is a sign of wood further up
I thought Burger King was British ?
doesn't he strike a resemblance to the 40 year old virgin lol
JJ, Wimpies are British (if they still exist), BKs and Macs are pure American. (So are Wendies, which I love but which have apparently vanished from the UK forever.)

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burger king idiot!!

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