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Jam making !

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grandem | 09:38 Thu 25th Mar 2010 | Recipes
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I made several lots of jam last Summer, plum,sloe,blackberry & apple, and quince. The problem is it has all gone too hard. It is really thick jelly and sticking to the sides of the jars and has shrunk. I did use "Jam sugar" can anyone tell me if this is the reason or what did I do wrong ??


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Did you use anyother pectin? Here n the U.S. we don't have a product such as "jam sugar" which must be strictly a U.K. product. I make preserves and jellies using regular, granular sugar and the recommended pectin.

One can, of course, not use pectin at all and simply cook the fruit/sugar mixture to the "sheeting" stage using a wooden spoon.

Additionally, did you sterilize your jars? At least 10 minutes completely submerged in boiling water or ten minutes in a 350 degree (F) oven...

Better luck next time!

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Jam making !

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