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14:47 Wed 02nd Jun 2010 |

Philadelphia is the number one soft white cheese in the UK. The cheese comes in a variety of flavours including Light, Extra Light, Light with Chives, Light with Garlic & Herbs, Light with Basil and Spring Onion & Black Pepper. Philadelphia is well known for its flavour and versatility; on the website there are numerous recipe ideas to use with the cheese.

The Philadelphia story began in 1872 when the first cream cheese was made in New York by an American dairyman William Lawrence. A few years later the brand name ‘Philadelphia’ was adopted after the city that was considered at the time to be the home of top quality food.

The company that makes Philadelphia is Kraft Foods who have a long and distinguished history in the grocery market. In 1903 James L Kraft opened a wholesale cheese business in Chicago, Illinois, USA. By 1914, the company was manufacturing its own cheese. 25 years later Kraft merged with The Phoenix Cheese Corporation of Chicago, producers of Philadelphia Cheese. This merger meant that the manufacturing processes in the making of Philadelphia were now more consistent.

In addition, the product comes in different formats such as minitubs for extra freshness, splendips with crackers, snacks with world flavours and also sandwiches. Philadelphia also makes a range of professionally sized tubs and packs for use in restaurants and other catering establishments.

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