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14:09 Wed 26th May 2010 |

Robinsons is one of the biggest grocery brands in the UK. The brand range includes Fruit Squash, Fruit and Barley, High Juice, Barley Water, Fruit Shoot and Fruit Spring. The brand is owned by Britvic Soft Drinks which is one of the two leading soft drinks businesses in Great Britain.

The brand’s history can be traced back to 1823 and to Robinson and Belville which manufactured Patent Barley and Groats. Patent Barley, sold in powder form, was added to boiling water to make a barley drink.

Robinsons association with Wimbledon started in the 1930’s thanks to one of Coleman’s medical representatives who made sure that the players dressing rooms were well supplied with Barley Water.

The British Vitamin Products Company - from which Britvic takes its abbreviated name - was founded in the mid-nineteenth century. In 1938 Ralph Chapman, owner of the British Vitamin Products Company, recognised that the Great Depression in the UK meant that many of his poorest customers needed an affordable source of Vitamin C. He found a way to bottle fruit juices so that they stayed fresh for longer without the addition of preservatives.

Other Britvic brands include Gatorade, 7UP, J2O, Pepsi, and Tango as well as the original Britvic and Britvic 55 juices.

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