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14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010 |

Schweppes is one of the most well recognised beverage brands in the world. The 'Schweppes' product range now includes: its classic 'Schweppes' Lemonade; original 'Schweppes' Bitter Lemon; 'Schweppes' Indian Tonic Water; 'Schweppes' Ginger Ale; 'Schweppes' Soda Water; 'Schweppes' Russchian (perfect mixed with Vodka) and a variety of juices and cordials.

Jacob Schweppe is credited with making the first carbonated soft drink. He developed a process to manufacture carbonated mineral water in the mid to late eighteenth century. He found a way to keep the bubbles in the drink after bottling by using rounded bottles which kept the bottles from standing upright, this allowed the cork to remain damp so the carbonation wouldn't escape. He founded the Schweppes Company in 1783 and moved to London. His main products were ginger ale, bitter lemon and tonic water, which is the oldest soft drink the world.

As the British Empire grew, so did Schweppes. Englishmen, longing for a taste of home, brought Schweppes to distant countries and extended the brand recognition to all corners of the world.

Its marketing campaign made heavy use of onomatopoeia in their commercials: "Schhhhh.... Schweppes," after the sound of the gas escaping as one opens the bottle.

Today, Schweppes is part of Plano, Texas-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc., an integrated refreshment beverage business marketing more than 50 beverage brands throughout North America. Schweppes is manufactured in the UK by the Coca Cola Company.

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