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14:17 Wed 02nd Jun 2010 |

Thorntons is one of the best known brands of chocolate and confectionery in the UK. It is now the largest, independent chocolate and confectionery company in the United Kingdom. Continental and Special Toffee are often cited as two of the favourites among the Thornton product line. Thorntons chocolates are the ideal solution for Easter, Birthdays, Weddings, corporate events or even Christmas.

Joseph Thornton opened his first Thorntons Chocolate Kabin shop in October 1911 in Sheffield. It was his intention to offer the nicest sweet shop in Sheffield. Joseph took his son, Norman, out of school to manage the shop and taught him the tricks of the confectionery trade.

Eventually the younger son, Stanley, with some knowledge of food technology, was also able to contribute to the growing company by experimenting with recipes to improve the range and sales of the products. He was helped by a young Swiss confectioner known as Walter Willen.

The Aztecs are thought to have been the first people to turn the cacao beans into a more edible form around 4000 years ago. This was then imported to Europe with the arrival of the Spanish in the sixteenth century.

Thorntons are best known for their Special Toffee and Continental range but other ranges include Metropolitan, Dessert Gallery, Melts, Moments plus an organic range and a dairy free range.

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