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14:39 Wed 26th May 2010 |

Warburtons is one of the leading brands for bread products in the UK. The firm produces one million bakery products per day. It is the UK's third biggest bread manufacturer. It makes just its own products, no own-label ones. They offer more than just bread with a full range of bready snacks including teacakes, muffins, crumpets as well as rolls and many items come in both brown and white varieties.

The company was originally established when married couple Ellen and Thomas Warburton in 1876 purchased a small grocery shop in Bolton. Their nephew Henry expanded the business after joining at just 16 as an apprentice. The company now has a network of bakeries across the country including Europe’s largest in Normanton, West Yorkshire.

Warburtons is still run by the same family, five generations on from Ellen and Thomas. The 'official' Bread World Cup in 2006 saw Warburton's Toastie Bread in the final, and winning the World Cup itself after seeing off over 32 other varieties in a straight knock out competition.

Bread is one of the oldest foods known to man. It has been a staple food for over 5,000 years. The method, ingredients and varieties may have changed but bread is still one of the most important daily foods in the world.

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