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Do We Need All Papers From Saturday Till Front Iday To Claim The Prize ?

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Lolita20 | 19:19 Sun 14th Jun 2020 | Gaming
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Do we need all papers from Saturday till Friday to claim the prize ?


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Your question would make more sense if we knew WHICH newspaper (and, indeed, which competition) you're referring to!
By chance, there's another thread running which might possibly answer your question with the word "Yes":
(See Danny's post at 1340)

. . . but that's pure guesswork without being sure about which competition you're referring to!
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Oh I wanted to know if we need to keep all the Daily Mail newspapers from saturday 13th june till 19th to calm the prize for golden cash wallet if you do win ?
According to Dannyk13 (who has more 'Best Answer' awards than any other member of this site, so he should be reliable enough!), the small print says that you do need to retain the newspapers. (See link above).

[Welcome to The Answerbank, by the way!]
The small print is very non-specific it says "the paper" but as there are 7 probably best to keep them all.

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Do We Need All Papers From Saturday Till Front Iday To Claim The Prize ?

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