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Why Don't More Pc Gamers Play At 720P/768P?

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kaththisuresh | 18:07 Fri 12th Feb 2021 | Gaming
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Many pc gamers play at 1440p or 4k.Wouldnt having a low resolution monitor like 720p or 768p and a powerful pc help you game longer?It would be like playing on a PS3 but with more fps.I play at 1366x768 and I have an i7 3770(non-k)

and GTX 1080 with 16 GB ram.I built my pc back in 2013 but I can play cyberpunk on ultra.

And I get a lot of fps.

Edit:-Im not insulting people playing at a lower resolution.Read my question properly.


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People who can afford it want the best they can - and reason goes out of the window - I know a guy who spent 300 upgrading his machine to play a 29 pound golf game. If your rig is capable of supporting higher res why not use it - if it isnt then go lower as you say.

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Why Don't More Pc Gamers Play At 720P/768P?

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