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Can Someone Help Me Get My Fortnite Account Back?

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CumoTow | 20:39 Mon 20th Jun 2022 | Gaming
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I started playing Fortnite last year and got some great gifts sent to me from a friend. Then I moved and set up my Xbox in my new home only to discover that for some reason I couldn't get Fortnite to load my old account. After much difficulty with Microsoft and Epic Games passwords I eventually got the game to load but not with my old account! It was as if I'd never played before, back at level 1 with nothing in my lockers.

I've contacted Epic Games and they keep asking me for information that doesn't help them e.g. the account username which just returns the same new account, or information that I don't have because I must have lost it. I've explained to them in great detail exactly what I did and they have said that my account isn't gone forever, they just have to find it.

So how difficult can this be? I know Epic has my actual name, address, etc. and have the correct account number. I know for certain that the username I have given them is at least very close to the correct one - a specific name and I added no numbers to it myself (although the game itself may have forced some numbers onto it for some reason which might explain why the username isn't bringing up the correct, old, account). I can give Epic games the real name, username, and account number of the friend who gave me the gifts (which I was able to confirm were received properly). Shouldn't Epic games be able to go to my friend's account and see who they sent the gifts to that has the username most like the one I have given them?


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Can't your friend see what account they sent the gifts to?
I think you must contact the customer support, They may help you find a solution for recovery of your old account.
Once I too lost my account due to some server issue but after contacting customer support of the game they helped me in recovery of account

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Can Someone Help Me Get My Fortnite Account Back?

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