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Playstation 5 Verse Xbox Series X ?

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alyxowl | 20:45 Fri 30th Jun 2023 | Gaming
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Which one is better and why?


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From a reputable website:

Also check out YouTube. e.g. here:
. . . and here:
Question Author
^ cheeers

Was interested in hearing individual opinions too
^^^ The Answerbank isn't exactly packed with gamers, Alyxowl. The majority of the 'regulars' here are Brits of (or, at least, very close to) pensionable age. While there's no upper age limit for gaming, the reality is that very few senior citizens use gaming consoles.

To find individual opinions, you might have better luck by looking on gaming forums, such as
Question Author
Thanks for the links

I understand what you are saying, however both my parents are around 70 and use game consoles. My dad is 72 and barely off PS4, apparently he is up most nights till 1am on it. I assumed it was the previous generations who didn’t dwelve much into technology

Dunno, but Will is better than Gareth.

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Playstation 5 Verse Xbox Series X ?

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