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PS3 Black out

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dibble1 | 20:30 Sun 14th Oct 2012 | Video Games
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I recently bought a new PS3 and a new telly, once or twice the tv hasn't found the ps3. I put this down to a dodgy hdmi lead and ordered another one.
Tonight I fancied a go and yet again the ps3 lights up but the tv can't find it.
A-ha I think, I'll run it through the phono's till my new lead arrives, same result. Right I think I'll try it through another tv. After unplugging it mauling things around, swapping cables, still nothing. Sh#t me-thinks, it has to be the Playstation, great, I've binned the receipt, what a load of hassle!
As a thought, I googled PS3 LOSS OF VIDEO and found this is quite common and can be repaired through holding the power button down and it "re-sets itself"
Why did I not not know this if it was common, I could (and did) end up going through all sorts of broccoli!
Let this be a warning to others


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Ours gives us similar headaches, we have to do a complicated series of lead jiggling and button pressing to make it work!
why dont you try and link it via the (forgive me i dont know the tech word for it) the yellow, red and white cable in the side of the tv. thats what i do...

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PS3 Black out

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