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Wii points

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souldriver | 20:05 Fri 12th Oct 2007 | Video Games
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Hi all

I have finally got my wii to conect to my router, i have linked my wii account to my stars account, i was just browsing the wii shop and would like to purchase some old games like sonic etc. but i have no wii points, so what i want to know is, how do i obtain Wii points.



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You can buy Wii Points from most online stores.

You can also earn stars from visiting the official Nintendo website - . There are 5 stars per game you purchase (code on a slip inside the game) and you get 1 star for every day you log in on the website. After a while these stars will entitle you to free stuff but it isn't cheap, I think it's something like 5000 stars for a free game, and 150 for a wallpaper etc.

If you're looking for old games like Sonic and such why not get an emulator? Try here :
Although there are some people on eBay who are selling like 2,000 Flash games for your Wii but it's mainly games that you can find on game websites.

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Wii points

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