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1911 Census Look Up Please ....

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echokilo | 17:57 Wed 14th Sep 2011 | Genealogy
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Would anyone be able to look for the following family on the 1911 Census for me please?

Thomas Reynolds, born Baschurch, Shropshire, around 1892. He didn't marry unitl 1913 and so should be there with his parents Thomas and Louisa Reynolds ........



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Mon Farm Mytton Montfordbridge Shropshire

REECE, John Albert Head Married M 44 1867 Farmer Hordley
REECE, Emmie Elizabeth Wife Married 11 years F 37 1874 Marton Mytton
REECE, John Son M 9 1902 Stanwardine Baschurch
REECE, Herbert Son M 8 1903 Stanwardine Baschurch
REECE, Dorothy Daughter F 0 (5 MONTHS) 1911 Mytton Montfordbridge
MASSEY, Mary Servant Single F 19 1892 General Servant Bangor
EDWARDS, John Servant Single M 30 1881 Workman Weston Baschurch
REYNOLDS, Thomas Servant Single M 18 1893 Waggoner Walford Baschurch
have you got the parents right...............someone on ancestry has Thomas marrying a Louisa Parry but his parents were John and Ann.
Question Author
Ah .... glad you spotted my deliberate mistake their Craft!!! (???) His parents were indeed John and Ann (who's surname I can't find) it seems I can't even read my own notes!! Thanks for your help.
Question Author
OMG - have lost control of my grammar too Craft ... **there**
According to this tree on ancestry his mother is Ann Wellings and they married 16 May 1882 at Hadnall, Ellesmere, Shropshire.
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Thanks Craft - you are a star - I will check it out x
Manor Farm House Walford Heath Baschurch Shropshire...........13 children but only 5 living.

REYNOLDS, John Head Married M 58 1853 Labourer Shropshire Wroxetter Salop
REYNOLDS, Annie Wife Married 29 years F 51 1860 Shropshire Little Drayton Salop
REYNOLDS, Joseph Son Single M 25 1886 Labourer Shropshire Hadnall Salop
REYNOLDS, Mary Daughter F 10 1901 Shropshire Baschurch Salop
SMITH, Harry Boarder Single M 48 1863 Labourer Shropshire Baschurch Salop
DAVEIS, John Boarder Single M 40 1871 Labourer Arscott Salop
Question Author
Craft, you are a mind reader - that would've been my next question!!
I recently took out a second subscription to 1911 census costing £24.95. For this I get 280 credits. In order to access one full census form forty credits are deducted , which means that only seven full forms can be viewed. For simple typed transcriptions of the full form 10 credits are deducted. The transcriptions often don't give all the information required so you end up paying £3.60 to view one census form. You need to be pretty sure of your details beforehand, otherwise it can become an expensive game. I use it only when I absolutely have to to obtain the info I can't get elsewhere.
Which is why I have an annual subscription Emily so don't mind doing look-ups for other people.................
Are you sure we're talking about the same thing here craft- the 1911 census? Not The £24.95 is what they call the annual subscription but you still get only 280 credits to use in that year. Or have I got it wrong?
lol I use the thing every can access the 1911 census for Wales and England through an annual subscription (or buying credits) on . For the 1911 Scottish census you have to buy credits from ScotlandsPeople.
Question Author
Think the threads got jumpled up here - but am quite grateful, as wondered where I could pay annually for the 1911 if it not too expensive (I seem to spend a fortune on research already, one way other!) so will look at findmypast..... thanks!

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1911 Census Look Up Please ....

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