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Electoral Register - Handwritten Notes

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albaqwerty | 03:40 Mon 08th Nov 2021 | Genealogy
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Having a look at the 1923 electoral reg. for an ancestor who was present and correct in 1922, seems he expired in 1923 as his name is scored through, with the letters and numbers next to his name of
J N S 4/6

Does anyone have an inkling what is meant?

Something or other Not Survived (?)
4/6 have no idea no listed as 4s 6d :-)))


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There would be a lot of crossings out on the 1923 register if everyone who died had a line through their name.
Electoral rolls don't record deaths. J normally means eligible for jury service; N means to be included in the next register as a voter and S means he is a Service voter, he is in one of the military services. 4/6 count be a date, 4th June.

That doesn't make much sense though as serving military personnel are not elible for jury service.

Hope somebody has a better idea than me. How old was your ancestor in 1923?
Perhaps the copy of the electoral roll that has been scanned was one which was actually used at a polling station? Names of voters are scored through on such copies when they turn up to vote.
Question Author
Thanks both.

He was born in 1882 , no military records.
Previous years electoral roll there was a firm, slightly larger J printed next to his name indicating he was eligible for Jury service.

Am liking the idea of 4/6 a date, nice and simple, thank you :-)

There's another person on same page which has identical markings.

Maybe it is just as simple as those 2 turned up earlier than others to vote, hence their name was ''lined out''

The letters J N S are block capitals as oppose to being of indication of someon's initials.

This particular ancestor is being a bit of a pain, according to one of the popular genealogy websites, he's still alive :-))))

Thank you both, though
Question Author
botheration, if 4/6 was a date, nothing to do with a General election as it was held in December
Could the letters be the initials of the transcriber?
Question Author
I think it was used for jury service.

On previous and subsequent pages, of the names crossed out, each has J printed beside them.

I reckon the JNS means Juror Not Summoned/Serving??
and the 4/6 was paid as expenses.

Does that sound feasible?
When I was an agent I informed the Electoral registration officer of any discrepancies I discovered during canvassing, ie deceased, moved, incorrect details etc and he would amend the current register accordingly, I believe he put my initials on that register in case an information source check was required. I did this to prevent certain other parties / individuals sending in ringers.

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Electoral Register - Handwritten Notes

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