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Canadian Ancestor

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chamois | 14:31 Sat 12th Feb 2022 | Genealogy
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I'm trying to find out some details of a nephew who emigrated from Wales to Ontario sometime in the 1960's. I've got access to the UK version of Ancestry but it doesn't cover Canada. It seems there is a Canadian version ending in .ca, but I don't know whether I can access that version with my subscription. I have looked online but there seems to be very little genealogical data available elsewhere and I can't find immigration lists like the one that Ancestry has for the USA anywhere either. It's very possible that he might have died by now.
I've got no idea how he made his way to Canada ie ship or a flight, I don't know if he was married and I'm not certain of his age. His dad was born in 1924, so I'm assuming he wouldn't have emigrated until he was an adult so the earliest year he went was probably around 1964.
Can anyone offer any suggestions please? Thank you.



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I don't know how big Ontario is but you could try writing to some local newspapers with the details you have and see if anyone knows of your nephew.
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Thank you carrots. It's certainly an idea.

One website I looked at says Ontario is larger than France and Spain combined so I'll have to give it some thought.

Don't know if there's anything useful here. At least research won't cost anything but time with email mail shots. Anyway good luck finding information.
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Thank you carrot99.
the Canadian Ancestry isn't going to differ much from the UK version; regardless, you'll usually be lucky if you find details of anyone that recent. Countries don't usually release census or electoral roll details of living persons and people who put their own family trees online usually make their aunts and uncles etc private.

Usually, the best way is to ask questions of people in your own family.

Have you looked at the Mormon website Family Search?

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Canadian Ancestor

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