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Dot. Hawkes success with Death Cert. tracing

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Trevbet | 11:33 Wed 13th Feb 2008 | Genealogy
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Dear Dot. going back to 26.01.08 you were able to trace a certificate. I wonder if you could help me. Have tried all variants I can think of to try to find death cert for Maria Bamfield died 1.11.1872 ( we have a copy of her will dated April 1873 ) without any luck. There is a M.Bamfield in hand writing on one of the GRO lists but that lady appears to have died in Midlands whereas our Maria died from 26 Gt.. Marylebone St Middx.

Most grateful if you can help.

Trevor Bamfield


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I am not Dot but have found an entry on the freebmd website which may or not be the one you are after.

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page

Deaths Dec 1874 (>99%)

BAMFIELD Maria 50 Marylebone 1a 391

This is the only Maria Bamfield showing up dying between 1860 - 1880 in Middlesex.

This is the date that the death was registered not the date she died. This Maria was 50 years old. Could this be your Maria?
Question Author
Many thanks indeed Mochard. Sorry but this Maria Bamfield who died aged 50 in 1874 was the daughter- in-law of the Maria Bamfield I am looking for who died in 1872 aged 78. However, thank you again for your answer.

Hi Trev

I have spent abit of time looking at this, the hand written entry is in Q1 of 1873, it says Maria Bampfield 67 Birmingham.
I looked at the 1871 census for your maria and found her, then I looked for any other Marias including a Maria Bampfield anywhere in england. the only maria Bampfield is living in marlybone in her late 40's, with a husband emmanuel. I think this is the daughter-in-law maybe that you mentione before.
Your Maria I can find in 1861 living on an army pension, and born Chichester Sussex.
I wondered if she had reason to travel to Birmingham in the winter of 1872 and died there, she would have to be registered where she died, maybe there was a delay in registering her death because of some strange circumstance, maybe she was not identified initially? The age is 10 years out, but the age is given to the registrar by the person who attends to register and maybe they just got it wrong. The name of the informant on the certificate and the address of the informant or occupation/relationship to the deceased may give you a clue, I think it is worth sending for certainly.
oh the P in Bampfield appears where i have said, it is not a typo on my part trev, including the wife of Emmanuel, whose surname is also spelt with a P
Question Author
Many thanks Dot for these advices. Most useful. I initially ruled out the Maria Bampfield, because of the name with a 'p' ,10 years adrift with the age and the Birmingham registration. However, as you say, there are no other Maria Bampfields around in 1841 to 1871 censuses, so it will be worth having a look at the certificate.

Thank you again,


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Dot. Hawkes success with Death Cert. tracing

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