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Preservation or natural decay

By Steve Cunningham SO HISTORIANS know best, do they Sea Henge, a 4,000-year-old mysterious circle of oak stumps found off the north Norfolk coast, has been moved to a preservation laboratory,01:00 Sat 06th Jan 2001

Rewriting to tell it more like it was

By Steve Cunningham HISTORY is being rewritten in South Africa. And the past is becoming far less white. Six years after the end of apartheid, South Africa is ending the emphasis on 'white' events01:00 Fri 05th Jan 2001

Victoria: sex queen

By Steve Cunningham SHE ruled for 63 years and her name became a byword for prudishness. Now it seems Queen Victoria may have been a bit obsessed by sex. Press AssociationIndeed, according to a new01:00 Thu 04th Jan 2001

Secret files slam Evita

By George Harris She may have been adored by theatre-goers worldwide, but Eva Peron was held in contempt by the British Government, according to official Foreign Office files. Years before Don't01:00 Wed 03rd Jan 2001

Yalta: the legacy

By Steve Cunningham THE GRANDCHILDREN of war-time leaders Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin are to meet for the first time. Winston Churchill (junior), Curtis Roosevelt and01:00 Tue 02nd Jan 2001

Villages buried by time

By Steve Cunningham AMATEUR archaeologist Peter Phillips was always intrigued by the bumps and ridges in fields near his Isle of Wight home. Then his wife won an air flight of the area in a raffle -01:00 Sun 24th Dec 2000

History brought alive

By Steve Cunningham ARE you a student of history or a participant Put it another way, do you love trudging around dusty old exhibits at your municipal museum Or, do you want to get that suit of01:00 Thu 14th Dec 2000

Much ado about everything

By Steve Cunningham FOR 70 years, millions of tourists have dutifully visited the birthplace of Mary Arden, Shakespeare's mother, near Stratford. But, it has been revealed, they were paying good01:00 Thu 14th Dec 2000

221 to 228 of 228

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