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hessian | 14:44 Thu 09th Sep 2021 | History
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In Britain today two 'shows' - 'Hamilton', a stage show, where a free man from Jamaica goes to America to help Washington ,a slave owner, to fight the British, and the film 'Turn' which is about Washington's spies during their War of Independence' A few years ago the film 'The far side of the world' was made based of O'Brians book where a British warship is pursuing an American warship during the same war. However the enemy vessel had to be renamed French to avoid upsetting the Americans. Why do we put up with it?


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because we don't care?
why do you put up with what? You don't have to watch either Hamilton or Turn, or that silly film about the Yanks sorting out Enigma. And you don't have to rename ships unless you think you'll make more money that way. (You might remember that the book was fiction, so you could make it any nationality you like.)
Ya boo. I unconditionally adored Hamilton. Couldn't give a monkeys about it's historical accuracy, it's a blindingly good musical.
Hamilton actually stays very close to the facts. The changes it does have come under dramatic licence as it is, you know, entertainment.
And excellent entertainment at that. The best show I have seen in a long time.
It is mainly commercial innit
the reasons

The ones causing most offence - were - enigma machine being snatched by a Yank ( two Brits who drowned)

and Titanic - steerage being locked in by Lightowler ( he didnt ) but DID man one of the little ships in Dunkirk

Others largely ignored - Steve McQueen in the Great Escape 1964. Black and white series about the Desert Rats 1964 - who were all American.

Danny La Rue as the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins - not everything you see on the screen is true. Julie Andrews cant fly. Neither did she marry a U boat captain
Midway - Joseph John Rochefort who broke and identified the place of battle for Midway ( which in the very long term won the pacific war for the Americans - yes Feb 1942. My papa Feb 1942 Spangenberg Prison Camp: " the whole camp is pleased and relieved the American Navy have reappeared at Midway")

JJR was ruined by lies of the brothers Redmond and spent the rest of the war running a dockyard.

("because he was made a scapegoat for the embarrassment of OP-20-G. Redman (whose brother was the influential Rear Admiral Joseph Redman) complained about the operation of the Hawaii station; as a result, Rochefort was reassigned from cryptanalysis to command the floating dry dock ABSD-2 at San Francisco")

so they do it to their own folk as well
> Danny La Rue as the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins

Cor blimey, guv'nor, are you sure it was Danny La Rue? Not on the DVD ...
the irremediably awful Saints and Sinners franchise
They are up to VI now- each one worse than the one before.

Malmedy 1944 massacre of an American Observer corps. like dead - ratta tat tat. No one escaped into the frozen forest. No RAF escaper ( whaaaat?) joins them

( those that do survive make it back within 24h)
just adding some unexpected frisson and sparkle into a list complaints
what would not "putting up with it" look like?
You wanna go protest outside the american embassy about preceived historical inaccuracies' in 3 entertainment shows? Be my guest ...
Phew! I've dodged a bullet, thanks for the heads up I'll give it a miss.
Some of the things you mention are coincidences which work both ways. But it is true that we are more subservient than some Americans and if they can get one over us they will.
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well my best answer tally can only be described as limp
so I will have to vizeet the stie statto

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