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On This Day In History.... England ....1216

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ToraToraTora | 10:22 Thu 12th Oct 2023 | History
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When crossing the Wash on mudflats rising waters swamped king John's baggage train. The kings treasure, crown jewels etc were lost. Amazingly they have never been found!



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Question Author

Bit of a non story then. :-)

So perhaps it doesn't all come out in the wash.

Question Author

It's history doug, you know, stuff that happened in the past.

Good to see your recent travails haven't dulled your sense of humour,  Shadow Mod 

... or found and kept quiet about ?

// The kings treasure,crown jewels etc were lost.//

No heirs to the throne then I suppose.?

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On This Day In History.... England ....1216

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