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darth vader | 19:12 Wed 31st Jan 2024 | History
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So my question - is anyone on here from the last time i posted to AB.... must be a decade ago?



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your last post was Aug 2014

If you look at your profile & review your previous questions you will see that some of the responders are still extant.

Yep, here from Day One in October 2000.

Yes, been here since 2009


Welcome back 😋


Question Author

I have been a member since 2003 it seems. So i managed to be a member longer than i managed to be married. not sure if thats a good thing. Hi everyone. Is Flirty still around?

I am your father. 2007

2007 for me too.

Yes I remember you and your avatar

May "The Farce" be with you. 

yes, been here since 2005



where you been?

Me? Been here since 2009, and it still seems like only yesterday!

I'm officially 2011 but I was on AB long before that but when I moved and no longer had my virgin email I had problems so joined again!

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