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A Bathroom Deodorizer..... Or Something (Even Wired In) To Make The Room Smell Fresh

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balliali | 14:43 Mon 16th Nov 2020 | DIY
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OK, I'm currently planning a bathroom upgrade - there have been no big structural changes to it in a few decades, so I want to do it right. My big question is....Is there a product available for a home that will deodorise a bathroom? I have tried just about every candle/air freshener/diffuser, but I wonder is there a domestic version of commercial ones where the air seems to be smelling nice at all times, perhaps even linked to a fan etc. Sorry if I'm not explaining it well, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that worries in case my bathroom smells yucky when people call. Has anyone found something effective that I could consider; or a link via Amazon etc.


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You are possibly over-anxious. But a decent air conditioner, venting to the outside, might calm your fears.
at short notice, striking a match may help
I have one of these in my bathroom on top of the cabinet. You can set it to go off as often as you want, and you can give an extra spray for all those nasty whiffs. It's on special at Tesco if you have a clubcard. This is my favourite smell but I sometimes get one of the Christmassy refills.
i bought a strawberry and prosecco diffuser from the range makes the bathroom smell lovely and last ages
We use a thing called Glade, which you press each time you think you've made the air less than pure.

The initial cost is a bit dear, but the refills are only 3 or 4 quid a time. User Recommendation
Do you just want it for after a visit to the loo or permanently?

There is a spray available which you spray into the toilet before you go and I've read good reviews. Can't remember the product name though.
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Oh thank you all for your suggestions.....I have taken them all on board. Yes, I have got lovely diffusers, but I still feel that they don't eliminate the bathroom smell - I'm prob a bit paranoid about it all, it's a cold room, and maybe for guests I feel that it's bad enough being cold, but being lumbered by a smell as well is unforgivable. As I am redoing the place in a few months, I welcome all your suggestions on what to include to make it a lovely relaxing and nice smelling space. Thanks again everyone.
I have COPD and react very badly to air fresheners, I’d rather put up with the toilet smell. I am sure you are worrying unnessarily especially if you keep your loo and floor clean. If you also have a shower with a shallow tray, keep the drain covered with a damp cloth as drain gas is common.
I'd find out what's causing the smell first.
Balliali I know exactly what you mean as we have them at work, even in single toilets so they are not that big, I've a feeling they are battery operated I'm not sure where to suggest to look though, maybe an online bathroom or plumbing site or someone like Wickes or even Screw fix.
Do you have a sink in your toilet?
Try putting a drop or two of Zoflora down the drain after each time you've washed your hands. It works for us.

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A Bathroom Deodorizer..... Or Something (Even Wired In) To Make The Room Smell Fresh

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