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Sealing Concrete.

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derekpara | 08:12 Sun 05th Sep 2021 | DIY
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I have a shallow concrete bird bath which my feathered friends really enjoy using. Trouble is that it absorbs water quite rapidly , leaving some bathers still unwashed.

Is there anything non-toxic I could use to stop or reduce the absoption ?

Cheers. D


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Any acrylic sealer will do the job.
There are many available.
See what's available where you live
As ozz has said: there are so many.
I would say that this is as good as anything.......... User Recommendation

The difficulty is that it's hard to find out about bird toxicity.
Since this is acrylic, I would guess that, once it's dried, the seal is formed, and that should be it. No further fumes etc.
I have tried acrylic sealer, eventually I bought a large saucer at the garden centre and use it inside the bird bath.
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Great answers. Thanks to you all.

Cheers. D

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Sealing Concrete.

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