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How To Cover A Chemical Burn On Light Oak

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Patsy33 | 17:37 Sun 07th Nov 2021 | DIY
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A friend who cleans foe elderly gentleman , accidently got some oven cleaner dripped down on light oak wood cupboard. About two inch square mark. She was advised to use light oak interior varnish. She tried it but looks as though it's not going to work.
Any advice please. My friend feels really bad & upset this has happened and just wants to put it right.


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My pure guess would be that it might need to be sanded out. I assume it's a dark stain. I know you can get wood bleaching stuff, but one risks making things worse. Might have to do the whole cabinet to match things. Maybe the best bet would be to let an expert look at it.
Nice to see you posting again OG.

Sorry Lottie, please excuse me, I can't answer you question.
pat, patsy, they're all the same
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Hello OG! Nice to see you. Hope you are well.
A friend came around today and sanded the marks down, the put a 3 coats of the light oak varnish on. Looks a lot better!
Thanks all x

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How To Cover A Chemical Burn On Light Oak

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