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Mold Prevention

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Ric.ror | 17:18 Sat 19th Nov 2022 | DIY
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What would prevent mold returning to a bedroom wall?
It’s a toddler’s room so bleach or a constant open window aren’t really an option
I suspect a dehumidifier but which one



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First off...warmth and ventilation. Then (if needed) dehumidifier.
Both remedies are going to cost, though.
I'd suspect a replaster.
Question Author
OG - it was only replastered under 5 years ago
Gingjbee has said what I'm always going on about on here. The trouble is that most people are reluctant to do those things.
There is something else you can do to help.
Cut into the plasterboard on the ceiling right above the mouldy bit.
Fit a fixed vent at least 6x6 inches (150mm.)
To avoid putting damp air into the roofspace, connect the vent to an outlet in the roof or a soffit (the flat bit behind the guttering.)
Connection is via a flexible 100mm duct (like a big hose.)

Damp air will rise to the vent and make its way out into the atmosphere.
Probably not going to cost much more than a de-humidifier, especially when you add in the running costs.
I agree - ventilation
victorian houses were so draughty that this wasnt a real problem ( yeah yeah ok slums)

now you can mermetically seal a house
That's it exactly, Peter.
A requirement for a modern house is to have it "blown up."
Not explosives, but a couple of huge fans fitted within an outside doorframe.
They pump up the pressure and then go around looking for any leaks.
(Extractor fans are temporarily covered over.)

We have no problem with damp/mould because of improved heating systems and a significantly high level of insulation.
You need to discover why there is mould, which thrives on moisture. There could be damp entering the room through a leaky roof or wall, in which case that should be remedied first. If it is simply cold walls or cold ceiling, which cause condensation on the surface, then insulation is required. There can be surface treatments which contain fungicide, but you might not want them because of the toddler's welfare.
Sorry, Ric; My post was not very helpful. Builder is probably the best qualified to give practical advice here; so I would go with him.
We had constantly reoccurring black mold. Solution, double glazing, and central heating. Expensive, but worth it.
btw...why is everyone spelling "mould" the American way? It looks wrong!
Sorry, ginge... I tried to spell it the rite way!

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Mold Prevention

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