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Yellow Handle Under Vaillant Ecofit Pure Boiler.

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jeannamacs | 14:51 Sat 31st Dec 2022 | DIY
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Can anyone tell me what the little yellow handle/switch with + and - , on the base of my vaillant ecofit pure boiler is for? I thought it was to fill the system with water after radiators were bled but there's no info online or in the little user manual, only about the valves nxt to it to repressurize.


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You could Google the make and model for download of the manual Jeanna.
But yellow most often measurements gas.
Flaming predictive text......
Try again..............

"Yellow most often means GAS"

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The Builder.. thanks. I've got the user manual and it doesn't even mention it. On my previous boiler the same type was just a green one and I am sure we would fill water and the bar would go up. I'm confused. It's due for a service soon so I'll just have to wait till then.

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Yellow Handle Under Vaillant Ecofit Pure Boiler.

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