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Floor Tile Grouting Colour.

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Canary42 | 22:49 Sun 15th Jan 2023 | DIY
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Having tiled my toilet floor, I am a bit unhappy about the colour of the grouting.

Can I re-colour it, and if so what is the best medium with which to do it. ?


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Canary, I changed the colour of the grout on our bathroom floor tiles with Flysea grout tile pens. I was really pleased with the result. Takes a while but quite easy to get a good and neat finish.
It may depend on what you are changing from to. I changed a dark mucky brown to grey.
Question Author
Thanks both (I'm hoping to change almost-black (charcoal) to light grey).

// Flysea grout tile pens. //

Gordon Bennet. You must have the patience of Job. Grouting yes. Grout tile pens...

What are your other hobbies. Duck herding, counting the number of bricks on your next door neighbours gable ends?
Question Author
I've acquired some pens and the results are looking good (it's only a small toilet floor Zebu, and the result justifies the means. It's a good job duck-herding is in the Close Season, so I can spare the time.)
Never a good ideal to use yellow gouting on the toilet floor.

I'd be inclined to scrape out the top of the grouting and replace it.
Yellow gouting?

Glad the pens worked fine, Canary. I planned to use them as a temporary fix til we had a new floor. So pleased with the result that three years on the floor is still the same and the grout colour lasting well.

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Floor Tile Grouting Colour.

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