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Cordless Drill

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pussyfoot | 12:50 Tue 11th Apr 2023 | DIY
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Hi, can anyone recommend a decent cordless drill? There are so many to choose from and so many conflicting reviews on makes & models.


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Worx. Not too dear, decent quality and work well.
DeWalt every time. I have 4 ranging from £100 to £270.

It does depend on what you want and your usage. Never go below 18V though on the cheaper ones.
Another thing to bear in mind is what other tools you have or might buy. A big part of these tools is the battery so it pays to have them all running off the same battery, so for instance I run 18V DeWalt Drills, jugsaws, sanders and even my DAB+ radio. Also means you only have to lug one charger about.
I'd agree that it depends on your intended usage...heavy-duty lots of use or occasional DIY. Mine was for the latter and I'm happy with the Bauker (from Screwfix)...inexpensive but well-made and included two batteries (which also fitted my Aldi cordless pressure win-win!)
OOPS! Bauker drill from Toolstation (they're really close here and easily confused).
Confusing isn't it?
So many big names. I can't argue with Dewalt/Milwaukee/Bosch etc.
Although I've always had everything from Makita.

A lot of makes come in 3 categories: Industrial; Trade; and Diy.
The Diys are perfectly good if they're from a known manufacturer.
The main difference is in the number of hours they can take.
If I used a Diy drill all day long, I'd probably burn it out.

'Erbauer' are a good compromise. (From Screwfix.)
Get what you can afford, but please stay away from the 'bargain basement'.
Dougie mentioned 'Worx'. Even though they're Chinese, they might suit you as long as you don't lean on them for too long.
Try and pay £50 minimum. This would be even better...........
I believe that Bauker, Erbauer, Worx et al are all from the same factories, owned by Positec Power Tools.
Is that right Ginge?
I'm not surprised. It's hard to keep up ;o)
^yes, did a bit of research before buying. Also, the Positec people also make many of aldi's stuff...hence the batteries being exactly the same.

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Cordless Drill

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