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What Is A T-Slot Cutter

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interele | 15:44 Thu 27th Apr 2023 | DIY
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I want to cut a slot in the end of a number of planks. I figured the easiest way would be a biscuit cutter for my router. Since I have about 20 minutes experience with this I am confused about what I should buy. Amazon has bits that look OK but they call then T-slot cutters. What are they and is that what I need




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It's not clear from your post as to what type of slot it is that you want to cut. This video shows you what T-slots look like though. (You don't need to watch all of it. Indeed, the first few seconds alone are likely to suffice):
^^^ You might not even need to watch the video! The still frame above illustrates a T-slot rather nicely ;-)
Bueno's picture tells the whole story.
It's nothing like a biscuit cutter though.

Are you sure a T-slot is what you're after?
Question Author
Ah ha . I don't want it to cut through the top, so I am thinking I don't want a T slot cutter
I want a slot like a pocket for a biscuit but the whole width of the plank
For your router, Use a slot cutter. They come in different sizes and brand names (Prices from low to high) Depends on how many times you want to use it.

A biscuit jointer will leave a half moon cut. So will take many passes. User Recommendation
Just to be clear, when you say 'end', I'm guessing you mean across the end grain rather like a groove in 'Tongued & grooved'?

Yes, a 'slot cutter' or even a simple 'straight cutter'.

Remember there's only one direction that you can pass with the router.
It's very easy to 'break out' when you come to the end of the slot.
(Splintering the last bit of timber.)
The way I deal with it is to stop a few millimetres from the end of the pass. Then withdraw the cutter and come back the other way. (Difficult to explain.)

As always, practice on an offcut until you're confident.
Question Author
Many thanks everyone


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What Is A T-Slot Cutter

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