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Replacement Mixer Tap Bath Hose

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Old_Geezer | 10:17 Thu 26th Oct 2023 | DIY
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Hopefully a quick question, ideally for plumbers, or anyone who knows. Had the hose break today (plastic bit at the end opted to be two separate plastic bits). I see replacements quote different radii, notably 10mm or 11mm. Is the connector at the end identical/standard for both, or does it actually matter which radius one buys ?

(I'm informed that the repair is an emergency.)





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I think the threaded part is universal, the outer more cosmetic.

I've found in the past that it's a good idea to keep the original washer as the new ones just don't seal properly.

Question Author

Sorry, that should've been diameters above, not radii. Must be too early in the morning for me.


Cheers for that, Doug. Been websearching and found no definite answer.


I may have to just pick one and try. Did try to measure old pipe but without cutting it in half, it seems difficult looking at the ends with it's bits still connected. From what I can see it looks more of a 8mm ! That can't be right.

Do what I do with anything like that I am unsure of and take a photo on your phone, with a tape measure laid in the appropriate position.  The shop should be able to suss out what you need.

Question Author

Thanks. It's a good idea but, I'm told Screwfix is the nearest store so they would need to go check things when I suspect they only want either c&c or a written out slip. I may take the hose itself down though in order to check.

Trouble is I'm now seeing diameters of 5.5mm and even ½" !

Question Author

C&C order placed. Fingers crossed.


This may be no help at all OG, but all the ones I've ever come across are a standard 1/2" BSP (British Standard Pipethread.)

BSP is a convention we still use today even in this Metric world.

Of course it may be that you have an odd one manufactured by Johnny Foreigner.  🤔

Question Author


Screwfix staff were very helpful. We had some concern that the broken hose had a nut on one end while the new one had threaded collets (?) both ends. Also I was unsure the depth of thread was identical in both. They said I could return it if it proved incorrect.

Brought it back, fitted it, found it had a small leakage both ends (but I'd read earlier than new washers can leak so maybe it's expected). Then I had an idea. The new hose has what looks like a brass washer at the end, the old one had a 'rubber' one. So I tried putting the old washer on top of the brass at the end that the "showerhead" screws into. No more leakage.

Seems ok for now, so hopefully that's fixed.

Question Author

Cheers TB.

Yes my websearches brought up fitting spec in imperial and everything else in metric. Maybe they should redefine it as 25.399977 mm.

Question Author

Said it was too early didn't I.

12.6999885 mm BSP (British Standard Pipethread) then.

Glad you're fixed up OG.

Crazy that we still use BSP. But I suppose it would be too disruptive to change now.  😀

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Replacement Mixer Tap Bath Hose

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