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Applying linseed oil to new solid wood worktops

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sugarcheeks | 15:33 Sun 26th Apr 2009 | DIY
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I have just taken delivery of solid worktops, as instructed, I am applying linseed oil. The oil is drying very sticky. I am following instruction to lightly sand off with a very fine sand paper - howeverthis is makingmy worktop have very fine scratches everywhere - it is posible these scratches are just in the oil coating. Am I going wrong? should I continue to sand? will removing all the oil mean It hasnt got a coat on it? any advise?? or any ideas what else I can do? thank you.


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Faced with your situation I would give the worktop a good rub down with white spirit, I would then check the surface to see if any fine scratches are present if there are, I would go over the surface when DRY with a very fine sand paper ( 180 grit or finer)-with the grain or use an eccentric sander. when the surface resembles the one you had originally I would then apply a mix of 50-50 oil and carrier(white spirit) thinly,when that is absorbed apply another coat and so on As the wood becomes "full" it will take longer between coats remembering all the time that you need to let the spirit evaporate. As you apply the coats you can adjust the amount applied to keep an even spread. If the surface was very silky to start with you may only need to sand it down after the final coat(decided by a satisfying appearance) but make sure that it is DRY before you do. DON"T RUSH!!

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Applying linseed oil to new solid wood worktops

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