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Hoya Carnosa - Wax Plant

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Tis-I-Podstick | 19:29 Mon 24th Jun 2013 | Gardening
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Does anyone have any idea where I can buy this plant. My neighbour helped decorate my house for me and as she worked she waxed lyrical (excuse the pun) about how wonderful this plant was. Foolishly I offered to buy her one as a gift for her help but have drawn a blank at all our local garden shops, nurseries, plant shops, florists etc. My curiosity is now peaked and I would really like to buy two plants, one for her and one for me. I am even on a waiting list at a local nursery for when they manage to grow a cutting or two. Is this plant available anywhere??


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Hit submit too soon. My aunt has on of these in her conservatory, it's spectacular when in full bloom.
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Ooops, thanks for that. I hadn't thought of ebay for plants. Ta very much.
Notoriously hard to grow apparently - so I was told by the only person I ever knew to have one!
I got mine from ebay. The trick is loads of sun and not much water. Its quite slow growing though. I don't expect it to flower this year but it is growing well, has doubled in size since I got it.

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Hoya Carnosa - Wax Plant

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