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Italian Mini Cucumbers.

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zabado | 17:12 Sat 06th May 2023 | Gardening
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I've grown normal cucumbers before, but this time I'm having a go at Italian "mini" cucumbers and they're doing really well. In fact I've got several flowers (2,3 or even 4) growing out of each joint. I know to train them by nipping off the growth point but should I also nip off excess flowers / tiny fruit. Will I get extra cucumbers or is it a case of quality before quantity ?. Thank you.


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zabado. I don't know. But if you try different methods with different plants you can perhaps come back and let us know what worked for you.
Maybe someone else will post and give you better advice. Good luck.
If you nip off the flowers then you will be reducing the number of fruits - will you not?

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Italian Mini Cucumbers.

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