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What are bible gardens

A. In their strictest sense they are gardens planted with plants and species mentioned in the bible. However, there are no hard and fast rules. You could base it on plants from the Holy Land,01:00 Fri 14th Dec 2001

Isn t buying gardening gifts for Christmas a bit dull

A. Not at all. Gone are the days you were restricted to a pot plant or tools, not to say they are no longer welcome, far from it Nowadays there are literally thousands of specialist gifts for the01:00 Fri 14th Dec 2001

Is Christmas a safe or dangerous time in the home

A. The Christmas festivities have casualty departments working overtime throughout the country, and we're not just talking about the consequences of too much alcohol and general over-indulgence. 01:00 Fri 07th Dec 2001

Do people really like getting DIY equipment for Christmas or are they the ultimate naff present

A. That depends which poll or survey you read. DIY gifts recently ranked fourth in men's most unwanted gift top five, just behind handkerchiefs and socks. Apparently non-DIY enthusiasts see them as01:00 Fri 07th Dec 2001

Is it environmentally unfriendly to buy a cut Christmas tree

A. That depends who you listen to. Some environmentalists don't like the mass plantations of firs and spruces as none of the varieties grown for the Christmas market are native to the British Isles.01:00 Fri 07th Dec 2001

Most gardens look blank and gloomy in winter. How can we inject a bit of colour

A. It's true that most of us garden to enjoy it during the warmer months when we're going to spend most time outside. But this is a pity, because as well as being bracing, the winter garden can01:00 Fri 30th Nov 2001

December is a pretty cold and dreary month outside. Time for a bit of armchair gardening

A. If you've got all the seed and spring bulb catalogues to hand and the weather's grim this is certainly the best time to sit in front of the fire and start looking forward to next year. Before01:00 Fri 30th Nov 2001

According to tradition when should you put up the Christmas decorations

A. The tradition of yesteryear was to wait until Christmas Eve, but try telling that to the kids. Unless you really can't wait it is best to wait until at least a fortnight before the main event. 01:00 Fri 30th Nov 2001

When people refer to winter vegetables are they talking about veg that should be planted now

A. No, they're talking about vegetables that grow on and can be harvested through the cold winter months. However, if you live in mild southern areas so far unaffected by frost you could just01:00 Fri 23rd Nov 2001

What are the advantages of having a greenhouse

A. For the keen gardener, greenhouses allow the business of gardening to carry on all year round. When the weather is wet and cold outside you can be just as productive inside. There are all sorts01:00 Fri 23rd Nov 2001

Is it true that rat and mice infestations are on the up

A. I'm afraid so. The mild winters of recent years have meant that the rodents continue breeding longer. The rat population is growing rapidly and is estimated to be over 70 million while the mouse01:00 Fri 23rd Nov 2001

It is often said we are a nation of gardeners, but how many people in this country don t have access to a garden

A. It is estimated that up to 10 million of us Brits are gardenless, the majority, but by no means all in urban, built up areas. Q. So what can you do if you like the idea of gardening but01:00 Fri 16th Nov 2001

You hear a lot about disputes between neighbours these days. Are they on the up and how common a problem is it

A. The number of recorded complaints about the behaviour of neighbours has been rising steadily in recent years. When introducing legislation to outlaw anti-social behaviour recently the Government01:00 Fri 16th Nov 2001

How much is the garden centre industry worth each year

A. The latest figures suggest that British gardeners now spend 2 billion at garden centres and nurseries every year. Q. When did we first start buying and selling plants A. Although they were01:00 Fri 16th Nov 2001

How can we help wildlife in the garden this winter

A. There are essentially two types of wildlife that we can lend a helping hand to in the garden this winter, birds seeking food and other creatures looking for a snug and secure place to bed down01:00 Wed 07th Nov 2001

We ve been giving the garden a thorough cleaning-up, but don t know what to do with all the rubbish we ve accumulated. Can we just burn it

A. That depends on where you live and what you are burning. Lots of us love a good bonfire as Bonfire Night bears witness, but they can also be damaging to the environment, health and neighbourly01:00 Wed 07th Nov 2001

How much say should kids have in designing their bedroom

A. It's up to you entirely, but like so many aspects of bringing up kids compromise is often the key. Left to their own devices and the decor would probably include a dogs dinner of stripes,01:00 Wed 07th Nov 2001

Winter is just about upon us. Is there much to be done in the garden in November

A. Temperatures may be dipping and the evenings getting longer but the ground still generally still has some warmth in and is still loose enough to dig. Basically there are two elements to the01:00 Fri 02nd Nov 2001

What is taxonomy

A. Its the system used to name and group different plants according to their characteristics using Latin as the language. Q. Who developed the system A. The system still used today was01:00 Fri 02nd Nov 2001

Why has remortgaging suddenly become so popular

A. Because for the right people there are big savings to be made. The days of taking what you were offered and thanking the bank manager or insurance company very much have long gone. A01:00 Fri 02nd Nov 2001

81 to 100 of 225

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