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Removing sealant from shower

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trish1234567 | 12:41 Sun 21st Aug 2011 | Interiors
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I've stopped working at this very minute to ask for help. I'm trying to remove sealant or is it called mastic between the shower tray and the tiling because of mould setting in and I would like to replace it. It's quite pliable but I just cannot seem to get to the back of it. I've tried lots of small tools so far
from sharp kitchen knife, screwdriver, tweezers, etc. …. Any ideas please?


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Normally just cut it off by sliding a Stanley knife (or craft knife) along parallel to the wall and then the shower tray.
I have just done this- I used bleach first and then a wallpaper scraper
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I've done that Chuck but because there is a deep gap between the shower tiles and the shower tray, the sealant inbetween is quite deeply embedded into the gap, if you understand what I'm trying to say, and I'm trying to 'hook' it out, but the sealant is like quite resistant.
You don't need to get out all the little bits down in the gap, just take it down flush to the surface and put another bead of sealant over the top.
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I've tried the bleaching factor30 but if I can find a very sharp wallpaper scraper, that may be a good idea.

Chuck, supposing there might some mould left behind, what then?
I found the bleach got rid of the mould. I used an old toothbrush.
I'd remove as much sealant as you can, clean the rest well with bleach, then wipe the area where the new sealant is to be applied with meths to make sure it's clean and degreased and then go over the top with decent, mould resistant bathroom sealant (reseal while you are standing/sitting in the shower tray so it doesn't split when weight is put in the tray)
I'd use a Swann Morton scalpel to cut the sealant out. Basically a surgeon's scalpel... incredibly sharp. Packs of non sterile blades and handles can be picked up on ebay for less than a fiver.
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Thank you all for really useful tips ......... I've yet to be failed by my friendly Aber's!
Here's a handy step by step guide to removing silicone sealant:

The trick is using the right tools for the job.
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Job done, now perfect. After scraping out all the sealant that I could, I tucked lots of toilet paper into the gap between shower tray and tiles, poured bleach along bottom of tiled walls which then soaked into the paper, left for a couple of hours and hey presto - perfect job.

I was interested in Fanriffic's DIY Donny which suggested a multi-purpose solvent remover from CEF but unfortunately, this is not now available, probably because it might contain a chemical not suitable for home use.

Thanks everyone - trish.

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Removing sealant from shower

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