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Feature wallpapers.

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Kathyan | 09:48 Sat 02nd Oct 2010 | Interiors
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I want to put two feature wallpapers on one wall but none of the family think it will work! It's the chimney breast wall and I want to put a horizontal stripe on the chimney breast and a co-ordinating floral pattern on the back wall either side. Has anyone tried this before and were you happy with it?


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I would be inclined to paper the chimney breast walls and paint the back wall either side in a neutral. You could then take cuttings of the paper, frame and mount on the painted walls.
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stripes and flowers? :-O
Your idea is quite an edgy, contemporary one, but it is so easy to cock up completely !

If you wish to use two different wallpapers, stick to one per wall (count the Chimney breast wall and back walls as one).

Choose designs from the same tonal colour if you want two different patters, or the same pattern in two different colours.

Choose wall papers from the same wallpaper family. In the store where you decide to buy your papers, they will be put together in the same book for easy reference.

At the end of the day, we all have different tastes. Go with your own tastes.
Stripes and Flowers is quite a contemporary look, Sara. But I would stick to bigger patterns than small and neat. Big flowers and chunky horizontal stripes (don't do vertical!!!). Or you could go with stripes and, say, damask. But like I said, two different patters, same tonal colours.
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I feel so old... ;o)
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both the wallpapers are lovely, i prefer the floral pattern on the chimney breast
Too much going on for the eye I would say.
Kath, your idea would work if you stick to the same colours for both patterns, and keep the stripes as the centrepiece, not flanking the floral, so to speak.

As I said, I would be inclined to wallpaper the chimney and paint both sides, but it's all down to personal preference.
Butch, 1980's is the current fashion. :-)
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I'm going in the loft for my leg-warmers and a ra-ra skirt :o)
Butchy... I bet you've got this one kicking around somewhere.
Sara... that would work really well with a mohican. If you want anymore fashion tips, please do not hesitate to contact me on
NoM, I had the mohican!

I also have a Wham! (Young Guns, Go For It) signed 12" single in my loft.

"to Sara with love from George".. swoon swoon ;o)
Think the papers are great.I would put floral on the breast wall and the stripes on the others.
dont do it its naff its getting realy dated another year and everyone getting rid of feature walls soooooo200s
Feature walls are not yet a thing of the past, but blending neutrals with neutrals is the latest thing.

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Feature wallpapers.

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