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Removing mildew from peach coloured shower curtains

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JG1965 | 20:37 Thu 17th Mar 2011 | Interiors
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I have some mildew at the bottom of my peach coloured shower curtains does anyone know how I can remove this, I have already put them through a hot wash in the washing machine but it is still there?
Thanks in advance.


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buy a new one! shower curtains never last
The 99p stores sell them in pairs (at 99p/pair). Once they become damaged or soiled – throw them away.

The curtain material is very thin – but it does the job, and I think they look and feel quite good. Mine typically last 6 months.
OH puts ours in a bowl with some bleach and hot water. Works without losing any of the colour from the curtain. She usually just puts the stained area in the bowl. May depend on the material the curtain is made from.
As theshedman says you can remove mildew with bleach; mind you using it with hot water must cause some toxic vapours.... I'd go along with others; buy a cheap curtain and change it every 6 months or so.

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Removing mildew from peach coloured shower curtains

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