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Questions to ask at house viewing

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EvianBaby | 22:58 Sun 04th Mar 2012 | Home & Garden
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Im going to view a house to rent on Tuesday night and at the moment I think I'm a little blinkered by the pictures I've seen as it looks fab. Sort of imagining it's mine already and getting a bit carried away. So, I want to write a list of questions to take with me so I can be a little sensible and a bit objective.

Can anyone give advice on some good questions that are worth asking about rental property?

My sis in law will be coming with me so I have a second pair sensible eyes and ears.


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To be honest, there's not much to ask if you are renting via an agent (rental agreements tend to be quite standard).
Why previous tennant left?
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You'd think this was my first time although I've actually been renting houses for the last 10 years and sorted it all out but this is the first one on my own and I'm nervous about getting swindled.

I can't remember what info I've asked before other than how long they intend on letting it out and if they will accept my cat (I know they will already with this place).
It does depend what information you have been given before you view. The length of the tenancy is important to know and, assuming that it will be a short assured tenancy of 6 months, ongoing after that, what then notice period is on either side. Also, are there any hidden extras to pay. Does Council Tax have to be paid by you, and if so, how much is it? Does it have a garden and, if so, do you have to keep it tidy etc (what about a lawn mower?) Is there a phone line and if so, is it connected or will you have to pay the connection charge. All fairly basic questions but don't hesitate to ask anything you are not sure of for better to get things sorted out at the beginning. Good luck!
Hi Evian, might be prudent to ask if there are any service charges on the property as I moved and was in my place for a while before my landlady lumped me with a foul water / sewage charge as it had no mains drainage ! Good luck
As well as the above when I was moving, on my own, last year I asked about the neighbours and noisy dogs. I know these can change but I didn`t want to start off with problems.
View it as if you are going to buy it. Walk the streets around it to get a feel for the whole area. Are there pubs nearby? Is it on a busy(noisy) street etc.
How does it 'feel' to you?
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Thanks for all the tips.

There is a garden in the property but it has no lawn (suits me just fine). I hadn't thought about the phone line connection, etc.

There are tenants currently living there so hopefully they will be in when I view and can ask them about neighbours, etc. I guess it will also be handy to ask them about how much their utility bills are in there. I know the area reasonably well but I'm going to have a little reccy at lunch to see the specific street in day light.

Have added all your suggestions to my list! Thanks again.

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Questions to ask at house viewing

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