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Acanthus not fowering

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wendypol | 08:16 Mon 28th May 2012 | Home & Garden
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I have an Acanthus (Bears Breeches) plant in the garden which produces plenty healthy leaves each year. It is in well drained soil in a partially sunny position. The first year (4 years ago) it produced plenty flower spikes but since then none. It is now some 4 feet across.There is no sign of a pest problem. It has not been moved. I have fed it with Phostrogen. Can anyone suggest what else I can try or a reason why it is not flowering.Thanks in advance for any help.


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try dividing the clump in autumn and next spring feed with something like tomato food tomato food might help this year ... but it might be just too congested
Be grateful. I can't get rid of the blasted thing and when the seeds are ripe the pod bursts and the seeds fly everywhere...the flowers aren't anything to write home about either.
I love them but they are too big for anything other than the largest borders
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Thanks rowanwitch and woofgang.
I like the plant and also think the flowers are ok that is when they can be bothered to flower!

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Acanthus not fowering

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