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Can I dye velvet curtains?

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caroline1 | 00:44 Wed 15th Jun 2005 | Home & Garden
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We have lined curtains in our lounge which I think may be made of velvet (they look and feel velvety but do not have a label stating the material).  They are navy blue with a lighter blue fleck all over them.  I was wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to dye them a lighter colour - preferably a neutral/beige?  If so, what is the best product to use and would I need to do it in stages rather than just going straight from navy blue to biege?  I want to paint our lounge a different colour and the curtains will just not match, but hubby has put his foot down and refused to let me buy brand new curtains as there is absolutely nothing wrong with the blue velvet ones.  I just can't stand them - any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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you cant go navy to beige as that would be dying a dark colour lighter, just like with hair eg going dark to ginger, you would have to remove the colour that is already there before replacing it with the desired colour. I believe that specialist services can do this but it costs an arm and a leg and probably more than new curtains would!!

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Can I dye velvet curtains?

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