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Banging noises every night!

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Lil-Ol-Me | 15:06 Sun 26th Jun 2005 | Home & Garden
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Every night around midnight I hear a banging noise. At first I thought it was coming from my loft, however when I had a peep in there I could hear it again and it wasn't coming from the loft. I can't pin point where it is coming from and it is really annoying! The house next door has been empty for a few months and it began when workmen went in to carry out repairs etc. The new neighbours are due to move in anytime now.

I did have a problem with mice a few moths ago but after putting some poisen down there are no signs of them now. We also have a problem with squirrels here too, but there are no signs of them in my loft. I have a combi boiler that keeps going on 'lock out' and the radiators were drained about 6 months ago. However, if the banging was a result of water hammer then this would continue during the day.... can anyone help?



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If the workmen left the central heating on the timer then usually the heating would "kick in" at night.  If the system had not been used for a while then there may be an airlock.
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Thank you Samej. I'm not sure if its a coincidence that it began when the workmen began repairs to next door, however last night the banging was so loud and its definately coming from my side of the wall. I flushed the loo a few times and ran a tap for about 5 mins, and it seemed to stop... although that seemed to be a short term solution to the problem I would rather get it sorted as I don't fancy going through that sherade every night! Any suggestions how I can fix it... would bleeding the radiators help??

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Banging noises every night!

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