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National Grid

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kloofnek | 19:03 Sat 15th Feb 2014 | Home & Garden
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Have had a letter from National Grid,saying thwey are going to replace the gas main pipes in my road,for plastic ones...digging up paths ,gardens and maybe moving the gas meter!!!!
Has anyone had this done in their much upheaval is it...sound horrendous to me.!!!


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It can be a real pain - although they will try to minimise disruption by 'moling' as much as possible of the new pipe run.

Take some digital photos of your own garden/drive and the immediate surroundings before they start.

They're supposed to put stuff back so you can't see that they've been there ... they don't always do that very well & if you have some before/after photos it can concentrate their minds a little.
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They are supposed to replace everything as it was or as near as possible...but I am NOT happy about it at all.When did plastic gas main pipes come into exsitance(spelt wrong),the reason I ask is that some 25 years ago there was some sort of explosion outside this house(before I came) and it and others in the road were underpinned,it was something to do with gas and water.
This should help set your mind at rest, kloofnek

The stuff they use for the pipes is said to be much safe than corrodable iron pipes.
been using a kind of plastic ones for years
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box tops,I meant that maybe plastic pipes were put when the road was repaired etc.after the explosion...if they were being used then
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how may years,ivor...about?
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many years...ivor
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Fortunately for me,I only use gas for CH.everything is electric,have some heaters too(to use twixt autumn /winter)Also have an immersion tank which I can use if the boiler is turned off ,which apparently. it will be. I did ring up about it all and the gentleman told me that my gas would only be off for one day...and maybe my garden will look better afterwards...who knows!!!
They came onto my estate in 2012, connected up most of the houses but took so long the council told them to get off the estate and come back another time. They came back in November 2013 laid some pipes under the street then off they went again. Still waiting for them to come and connect us to the new pipes as we're still on the old ones. Who knows when that will be.
7.... "kloofnek"
kloofnek...all gas is now transferred by these pvc pipes,have you never seen the long yellow tubes being installed under the roads, millions of people have, after being held up by these road works ?
Our gas pipes were replaced a few years ago. No mess, the new yellow pipe was fed through the original pipe to the meter.

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