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Cats & Dogs.

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zabado | 08:53 Mon 12th May 2014 | Home & Garden
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Iv'e found that expensive chemicals that are suppose to "repel" cats and dogs from using my garden as a toilet don't work. So without going to the extra expense of buying an air gun does anyone have any other remedies. Thanks.


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hope you don't mind us all sitting here as there is a nutter with a gun walking about
11:09 Mon 12th May 2014
Water pistol ?
Have a summer of fun with a high-powered supersoaker water-pistol.
> So without going to the extra expense of buying an air gun <

any person who would shoot another persons pet needs help

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there are sooooo many threads on this subject. A well-aimed water pistol is by far the best deterrent. Supersoakers - please don't, the highpowered jet can do conside damage to the animal's internal organs. It may be a nuisance to you, but it's someone's much-loved pet.
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> According to the New York Times, “the FBI has found that a history of cruelty to animals is one of the traits that regularly appears in its computer records of serial rapists and murderers, <
Do you really think Zab meant it, DrF?

I doubt it...
chilli powder/garlic powder,,,,for cats.

I reported it about 09:00, there is no humour in it whatsoever
A fence would work for the dogs.
ummm there are plenty that do hurt animals

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I read it as a joke. Not many people would hurt animals.
I very much doubt a person likely to shoot an animal would ask this question...
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How many people do you know that would purposely hurt an animal? Disregard what you read in the papers, how many people, in real life, do you know?

I can say zero.
-- answer removed --

Should I buy an Air gun to keep his kids, grandkids, whatever out of my garden, based on the fact of course, that no-one would ever hurt kids?
unusually,lol, I'm with ummmm on this. I don't know anyone who'd hurt an animal.

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