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Wall Lights

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atalanta | 01:00 Mon 02nd Nov 2015 | Home & Garden
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My existing wall lights - 2 pairs of spotlights - are nearing the end of their lives. Each of the four bulbs is 60w. I need at least as much light if not more, because I do a great deal of fine craftwork, but all the fittings I can find offer me very dull bulbs, especially those which claim to be energy-saving. Can anyone offer me their own experience of bright light fittings suitable for my requirements - if you have had the same problem and solved it ?


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have you thought about getting a daylight lamp?
After getting fed up with replacing the bulbs in my 300 watt Halogen security light, I replaced it with a 20 watt LED one. I was so impressed by the light output, that I bought a pair of the same lamps (minus the PIR) and fixed them in place of the wall spotlights in my workshop.
They are not exactly attractive, but are extremely bright, and perfect for working on small, highly detailed jobs.
This is the kind of thing (though I bought mine in a local shop - not from Amazon). User Recommendation
4 x 60 watt bulbs will give a light output of around 3,400 lumens.
Two of these LED lamps will give an output of around 3,800 lumens.
I bought a daylight lamp recently in Lidl .About twelve quid .It's a table lamp with a goose neck and is brilliant for close work .
I do a lot of reading and crosswords plus knittting and fiddly art and craft stuff .I just plug it in where I need it .On the kitchen table or a side table in the front room .
I doubt they have them anymore because it was on one of their offers but you may find something similar on Amazon.
Like this .. User Recommendation
In fact ,it's more or less the same as the one I bought .Takes a few minutes to warm up but gives really bright light with no glare .So you're not sitting in your own shadow ,if that makes sense :)
I do agree about replacing these with LEDs. Throw away all those curly-wurly low energy things.

Can you tell us what type of bulb you have now? i.e. the fitting at the plug-in end.
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1) I asked for suggestions about wall-lights. I already have a standing lamp equipped with diodes, curvy neck, magnifier, etc, and this is nowhere near enough
2) The bulbs in the existing wall-lights are spotlight bulbs, 60 - 80, with screw fittings ( I know 60 refers to the power, but I don't know what the 80 refers to unless it is the size)
Sounds like you have reflector type bulbs - ES type (Eddison screw.)
R80 maybe. 80mm is the diameter of the bulb.

Four of these is a lot of lumens. You can get direct LED replacements to give the same output, but I think you'll struggle to get even more brightness without going for the floodlight type as in The Chair's link above ^^^.

Ring these people. They are excellent with their advice..........

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Wall Lights

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