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Carpet Problem

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chrissa1 | 15:30 Mon 29th Feb 2016 | Home & Garden
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The strip of metal that holds the carpet down between my living room and kitchen has become loose.

The kitchen has a tiled floor. What is the best way to put this right?

I've tried screwing it tighter, but the screw just seems to loosely turn in the hole.


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Quick fix that does no harm if it fails - stick matchstick or cocktail stick in the hole and snap off at floor level and rescrew.
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Ok, mrblear. That's a possibility, thanks. What about "No More Nails?"
Thats good for sticking flat surfaces but if you put it on the screw it could set with the screw not holding the strip down enough. The matchstick method works in most cases and can't make the situation any worse.
Do the screws go into the floorboards or the tiles?
You could also turn the strip round, so the LH side goes to the RH side.
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It may be a screed floor
I'm certain that you can get floor trim designed to "link" carpet and tiles/other hard floor coverings... the two undersides of the strip are different.
Use the screws that are provided with the carpet strip. They're specially for this purpose as they have a domed head that fits flush with the strip. By all means use different screws or nails, but you'll probably end up with gashed feet or knees.
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I had a similar problem chrissa, I wellied it with a hammer and it flattened out and didn't get in the way. Getting it out again will be almost impossible though.
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Thanks, all.

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Carpet Problem

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