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Best Broadband Provider , Virgin Too Expensive.

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dieseldick | 12:54 Thu 14th Jul 2016 | Home & Garden
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who is best broadband provider , my contract with virgin is up next month , my current speed is 70 gbs but i dont use iinternet that much . virgin said today if i sign a new 12 months contract they will give me it for £30.44 a month but will lower my internet down to 50 gbs .

since they say im a low user then this package should be ok ?

ot is BT or talk talk better ?

any advice , thankyou


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must say i stream bbc iplayer through my smart android tv. will it make a difference.

i do not download movis or anything else just general browsing and youtube.
Whatever you do avoid BT.
Before you decide to leave Virgin check the speed you can get elsewhere. I stick with Virgin because I get 200mbps - the most BT can supply me with is 2.8. U
Talk Talk has by far the worst record on support - i`d be interested to know what JKs problem is with BT as I have a full unlimited fibre package which I think is very modestly priced and the support necessary to run a phone blocker is free
i don't have or have had any problem with talk talk neither has any of my three friends who are on it, package is cheap too
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looky here , im surprised virgin is not included in these deals below -
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so, if you were me which package is suitable for me ?

bear in mind if i stay with virgin i can get 12 mths at £30.44 for 50gbs
is there any real big difference ?
Just typed in my postcode and Virgin was there.Suggest you type in your postcode.
I have been with BT for many years with no problems other than when my overhead cable needed replacement a couple of years ago. I am currently on BT Infinity with a guaranteed 50 Mbps, which costs £26/month less £8 discount including phone calls.
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If you scroll down Dick you will see they are offering up to 52Mbps for £22.99/month.

However, they may be offering you the maximum speed your local telephone exchange can provide at the moment. Open the website below and enter your phone number and post code and it will tell you what speed is available to you.

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Best Broadband Provider , Virgin Too Expensive.

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