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Gtech Airram

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tiggerblue10 | 13:59 Sun 02nd Apr 2017 | Home & Garden
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I should probably be putting this in Shopping but asking here instead.

My friend has recommended the Gtech AirRam vacuum cleaner as she says the suction is very powerful, bagless, lightweight and good for stairs.

I've got a Dyson V6 which was recommended but the suction is not as powerful as I'd hoped and its still a bit heavy.

Would like to hear more opinions on tried and tested vacuums with these specs please. Thanks


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I have the Shark Lift Away which is absolutely fantastic. The suction is very powerful. Because of the "lift away" feature, it's a doddle to do the stairs. Pop over to Amazon & read the reviews
i bought one a while back, for the most part i am satisfied with it, i also bought a g tech multi which does for the furniture. According to their ads if you buy two together you save 100 pounds. so £299 for the two.
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Will have a look at the Shark one, thanks Thelewisgang.

My friend recommended getting it off Ideal World Emmie. They're doing it as a package deal with extras added in for £285.
I have got an airram....can’t see how you’d do stairs with it. Its good for what it is though. I think the gtech multi is not a good buy. The suction seems to depend on how its held and is not that great. To do my stairs, I use the hand attachment of my Dyson upright.
i'd say go for it at that price, i bought mine separately, so cost me 350.
the upright won't do stairs, not that i can tell, i would use the multi or another hand held machine.
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Vacuuming is one of my most hated chores so need something which I have to put the least effort in but powerful.

Also recently discovered that I have degenerative back problems so needs to be lightweight.
I got the gtech bundle from Ideal world for £299 (4 flexi payments of £75). AirRam, handheld and car accessory kit. Bargain!
I bought the GTECH Air ram MK2 K9 and the K9 handheld for about £340. Although we don't have any pets we do have a very heavy duty carpet. According to GTECH the K9 is the "4 x4 version" in that it has a stronger build. My only gripe is that you need to empty it after every clean and change/clean the foam filter every month. We live in a bungalow so stairs are not an issue. Certainly makes vacuuming easier and less of a chore
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Thanks all, I've just ordered it off Ideal World with the accessories for £285 and postage & packing is free as its their birthday!

I really hope the suction is good as my carpet is over 20 years old and probably still has cat fur and other bits ingrained in it despite having not had cats for 3 years. If its anything like the Dyson V6 I'll be sending it back!!

I've still got my old Miele Cat & Dog which is good but its very heavy and needs bags.
the gtech is quite light so you should be alright with those two..
I've had one for years, wouldn't be without it
Have you seen that they have now released a Gtech PowerFloor? It's a hybrid between the AirRam and Multi. That was the thing that put me off the AirRam that it was just an upright and didn't give you the option to do stairs easily or use tools. This site reviews the entire Gtech vacuum cleaner range and after reading the review I decided on the power floor in the end.

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Gtech Airram

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