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How To Get Rid Of Burrowing (Masonry ) Bees

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corylus | 16:10 Sat 16th Sep 2017 | Home & Garden
11 Answers
I have had a small colony of these infesting a large planter in my garden for about 3 weeks, they have been relatively docile but attacked me last week, several stings, one serious one resulting in a trip to my GP for antibiotics as I'd contracted cellulitis in my hand, now recovering. Council Pest Control won't help, tells me they are harmless (HA!) and will soon go away. Local Pest Controllers have not even responded to my phone calls and emails.

There are fewer now, is it likely that they'll soon go away?

Is there anything I can do without getting too near to them?

(Please don't suggest just staying inside)


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I have no reason to doubt you when you say they are bees.

I saw a report on a News channel a few days ago about wasps tho, so am wondering if worker bees may be similar in that the workers have done their job and will eventually pop their clogs.

Which doesn't help you in the meantime, can you get close enough to the planter and inject some foam to seal the holes?
(I know, that's cruel, but when all other avenues have failed, one takes matters into their own hands xx)
Hi, Cory.....I have them every year and they disappear......starting around now or a bit earlier should be safe soon.......x
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Definitely small bees according to all 'experts' I've consulted.
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Hi Gness, they've been here for about 3 weeks now and have been told that they'll soon go away. Bit of a cold snap forecast for tonight here, that might kill them or shift them.Hope so.
Yes, they will definitely go away soon, promise ....
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I'll hold you to that hereiam!
Ha ha, I know because a friend of mine had them and they went after only a very short time ...
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I hope so!
Goodness corylus, they will !!
Odd. Masonry bees dig tunnels in bricks and mortar not the soil. Mining bees dig tunnels in soil. They are very different species of bee. Something may have stung you, but very unlikely to have been one of these. There could have been a stray honey bee in with them though or as suggested a small wood wasp.
Also a bit late in the year for them to be making tunnels. Our finished weeks ago and have died off for the winter now. First cold spell will see them go.
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Thanks palustris, I am only repeating what I have been told about these bees by Council's pest Control and local gardeners. They are certainly burrowing and certainly extremely aggressive. I was stung by 5 different bees in this colony within minutes, some of the bees who'd attacked me died in my clothes! I don't think they were wasps, too small.
Fortunately the colony seems to be a lot smaller than in the last month and hopefully a cold snap will see them off.

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How To Get Rid Of Burrowing (Masonry ) Bees

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