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Will My Flowers Be Ok In A Cupboard For 24 Hours

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gordiescotland1 | 15:55 Sat 13th Mar 2021 | Home & Garden
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Hi my sister couldn't get flowers delivered to mum for mothers day so she sent me money to my bank to get them as I am seeing mum tomorrow as we live in the same town. I bought the flowers and took them home a big bouquet for £25 lovely assortment including Lilies. I only realised it when I got home and put them in a glass my cat started showing interest I quickly distracted her. I cant watch her every minute for the next 24 hours until mum comes tomorrow afternoon. So I put the flowers in a glass in water and put them on a table and put it in the wardrobe shutting the door. Will the flowers be OK for 24 hours like that I am terrified they are going to die without oxygen but I dare not leave them out otherwise if my cat gets near the Lillies she could die as they are toxic to cats ??


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Perhaps the bathroom and shut the door.
have you got a garage or shed
Wrap them in wet newspaper.
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That's a good idea thanks
They will be ok, but would take 6mm of each stem and flatten it slightly with a hammer or anything heavy that comes to hand.
They'll be fine.

Strangely, I heard a soluble aspirin in the water helps.
I've done that before Hoppy
The cooler the better, but 24 hours isn't long and as long as they have water they should be fine.

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Will My Flowers Be Ok In A Cupboard For 24 Hours

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